H2O 4 AFRICA is a unique, fund raising collaboration based in Cincinnati, OH that supports three local organizations that are committed to saving the lives of children by providing clean, fresh, local water sources for rural communities in Nigeria and Zambia, Africa. We have melded our fund raising endeavors in the Greater Cincinnati area to accelerate our ability to drill more wells.

Women and children are responsible for providing water for their families in rural communities in Nigeria and Zambia. They walk up to 5 miles each way to collect and carry water from streams, rivers and ponds to provide water for their families’ daily needs. Water from these sources is often insufficient during dry seasons and droughts and when water is available it is often polluted by human and animal waste and is the source of water borne diseases including dysentery, cholera, and malaria.

Each of our permanent wells dramatically enhances the lives of thousands of people: improving their health; the quality of their daily lives; their ability to raise livestock and crops; and their ability to educate their children!

Time is short! We need your help!